Power of the senior citizen

EVER since I started writing to the Spenborough Guardian in the 1970s I have always kept three fundamental tenets, our youth, education and senior citizens.

Although I am a mature, senior citizen myself, I do not write for myself, but for the other few million who are in the same plight.

Just of late there has been a garrulous point in the national news, those ‘rich pensioners’ who are claiming their only three handouts – bus pass, prescriptions and fuel allowance.

Some national media call for an end to this benevolence – it would save millions of pounds?

There is only a modicum of opulent pensioners, the meagre savings would be negligible, so who would lose out?

The losers would be the same ones that lost out in the April budget and to the taxman, those who have been the backbone of industry and commerce for the last 50 years or more.

The same people who were encouraged by the governments to prepare and provide for their retirement. The future, however, will not be decided by how much one earned or spent, but by how much one saved!

Many people over 60 are offered early retirement. If you decide to go for it, take a large lump sum and negate your pension – then spend the lot. With bank base rates at half a per cent and in contrast all the freebies one can receive, you will break even.

The retired populous make up over 20 per cent of the electorate, and as a group can vote against as well as for. Politics reflects the swing of the pendulum and the future of our governments could balance by the vote of a few million ‘rich pensioners’.


Turnsteads Drive