Proposed by-pass is a crafty move

With the planned industrial development that will destroy the beautiful green belt land at Roberttown, Hartshead and Cooper Bridge, due shortly to be decided on by a government appointed official.

The proposal by the council to build a by-pass through Ravensthorpe, comes at a time when one of the arguments against the development by the action groups, that local roads are not able cope with the extra traffic, is a very crafty move.

The council are wanting to get their hands on a huge amount of money, from the LDF (Local Development Fund) to finance the development. It does not seem to bother them that they are going against the wishes of thousands of local residents.

Just who are these councillors working for?

It will also effect the people of Ravensthorpe when the compulsory purchase orders start to drop through their letter boxes. If the plans don’t go through I think you can forget the by-pass. It is really just a feeder road, for the proposed development.

As a footnote when are we going to hear our council come out in support of keeping our local hospital, as a fully functioning general hospital?

Huddersfield Road