Questions need to be asked about hospital downgrading

I waited in vain for Mr Eames’ comments regarding my letter of February 1 (Money wasted erecting fence at Dewsbury Hospital).

The reason, I am sure, is Mr Eames cannot justify squandering money at this or any other time.

So through the pages of this newspaper, can I ask him the following questions.

1. Do you actually live in the DDH’s catchment area? Or will the cuts not affect you personally?

2. How much pay cut are you taking?

3. How, when roads are blocked by snow or accidents, as we have seen over the past few weeks, are ambulances going to get patients to A&E at Pinderfields?

4. If, when deaths occur due to downgrading of Dewsbury A&E, will you then admit you were wrong to downgrade?

5. How do you think staff feel when you value them so lowly, that you want them to take paycuts or be sacked? You wouldn’t be out of place in Victorian times!

6. Are staff at Pontefract and Pinderfields being asked to take pay cuts?

Finally my advice to Mr Eames is that you won’t get the best out of your staff until you start to value them.


Clarkson Avenue