Red House is our jewel in the crown

I CANNOT say how devastated my husband and I are at the thought of Red House closing.

We live just along the road from it and enjoy the many amenities it provides.

In the summer we enjoy the brass bands in the grounds.

We have eight grandchildren and we take them during the school holidays in their turn to take part in the various quizzes and activities which are provided free of charge.

I realise the council needs to make cuts and, while it is sad about the brass bands and also the free swimming sessions at the baths, at a later date when the economic situation improves these could be reinstated.

However, once Red House closes there will be no going back.

I am sure most people would not object to paying a fee to enter the house and a charge could also be made for the children’s activities.

Red House is the jewel in the crown of this area and it would be extremely sad for it to be lost.

Kirklees has said that the exhibits could be moved to other museums, but how could they?

Red House is a house completely furnished so what could be moved?


Latham Lane