Red House’s international importance

MAY I add my comments to those opposing the proposed closure of Red House.

I am appalled that this is even being considered by Kirklees. The museum is the jewel in the crown of North Kirklees.

It has to be, as there are so few true cultural places of interest in this area. Having said that, it is one of which we have been truly and quite rightly proud for many years.

Barbara and I take our granddaughter there most times when she is staying with us. At Easter, during the school summer holidays and around Christmas. The events there are always changing and very thoughtfully match the season.

Every time it is different, and every time there is something new to explore. The thought and care of the curators and volunteers is obvious.

We are also involved with scouting in Spen Valley and have been for many years. We have visitors from many parts of the country to our campsite in Gomersal. When we get the opportunity to meet with Cub or Brownie leaders, particularly, we recommend a visit to Red House as a must. Lots for them to do and lots to learn without any pain whatsoever. It can just seep in by osmosis.

This is just the children. Adults always love the place as well, and are always impressed by the variety of things to see.

All this before we even start to look at the cultural importance of the Brontë connections and the Taylor family. How can we as a society possibly even consider sacrificing that. This is a facility of international importance, once it is lost it can never be recovered.

I do hope the council will see sense before it is too late.


Bradford Road