Removing bollards will make no difference

In response to Viv Laycock once again pointing the finger at Pyenot hall lane for every bit of disruption that occurs in Cleckheaton.

I really wish she would actually look at the facts first or at least look at the map of the area which will be affected.

I will explain in simple terms how removing the bollards on Pyenot will have zero effect on the traffic levels.

First the work to repair gas pipes runs from the bottom of Hightown road to the top of Greenside, thus rendering Westgate inaccessible – correct? Then why would (if the bollards where to be removed) anyone cut through Pyenot Hall Lane if there is no access once you get to the top of Greenside?

Also drivers used Pyenot as a rat run when coming down Westgate into Cleckheaton to avoid the traffic lights.

Once again this route will be inaccessible from bottom of Hightown Road once the gas work starts, so there will be no access for any driver to get down Pyenot anyway! So removing the bollards will achieve what exactly?

The bollards have restricted access from two roads, Westgate and Bradford Road – correct?

As Westgate will be closed for three months then that just leaves Bradford Road. As there is nothing to achieve by cutting through Pyenot from Bradford Road, then clearly the problem of the bollards is completely irrelevant!.

I think people who will no doubt point the finger at Pyenot should consider other areas where this congestion will be relieved. Or just face the fact that there will queues of traffic NOT due to the bollards but due to the gas work!

On one last note, I queued for nearly 25 minutes this week at the temporary traffic lights out side the Flush in Heckmondwike.

While I was there waiting, not once did I think I would never shop in Heckmondwike again, nor did I think “wow” all the shops will close down because of these temporary traffic lights!

Get a grip people!


Pyenot Hall Lane