Room for thought over house tax

Currently in this country, and here in Spenborough, we have three prominent political parties.

Two of these, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, are in a coalition and have imposed a bedroom tax, or an under occupancy charge on homes not using all available bedrooms.

The Labour Party is now advocating a Mansion Tax, to charge residents in houses valued above £2m.

This is why I say beware!

The country and local Councils are facing Armageddon with funding and it now appears to me the policies above are being used to soften up the electorate, how long do you think it will be until all residents living in houses deemed too big for them are charged additional council tax for any under utilised room?

I started this letter by stating there are three prominent parties, it is time now both nationally and locally that we had a credible alternative choice.

Where is our local UKIP candidate?


Filley Road