Same sex marriage a step too far

I agree with John Appleyard (Letterbox February 22) where he wrote “the majority of people in this country oppose racism, sexism and homophobia.”

I read somewhere that 10 per cent of the population of England and Wales are homosexual. By the law of averages,some of my friends must be among that number. It makes no difference to me what their sexual preferences are, it would not change my friendship towards them.

However the institution of marriage is first and foremost to produce the next generation of children in a stable relationship between a mother

(female) and a father (male).

Neither male to male, nor female to female, can join together properly. Only male to female can join together properly and become one unit. Have you tried to connect a bolt to a bolt or a nut to a nut, it just doesn’t work. Only a nut and bolt will fit.

If two men or, two women want to live together, then we should live and let live, but same sex marriage is not just one step, it’s a giant stride too far.


New North Road