Save lives, not money

ON July 12 this year I contacted Kirklees Highways department by telephone to report that the metal Z-barriers on the footpath that connects Leeds Road, Liversedge, and Vernon Road, Millbridge, had gone missing.

These barriers prevented cars and motor cyclists from using the footpath as a short cut. They also assisted in slowing down children leaving Millbridge School, eager to get home, before approaching the very busy A62 Leeds Road.

The barriers have still not been replaced.

It’s also the case that the school crossing patrol warden was removed from this busy road at least 12 months ago.

Recently I witnessed three schoolchildren walk in front of moving traffic where the warden used to be. They received a volley of abuse from the driver.

I’m told by a neighbour that this is a common occurrence.

Last week’s Spenborough Guardian is to be congratulated in highlighting the issue – “Council making no patrol assurances”.

Removing school crossing patrol staff from our busy roads may save money, but it won’t save lives.


Firthcliffe Parade