Selective memory?

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I NEVER cease to be amazed at how selective John Appleyard’s memory can be.

Nothing happened before May 2010 did it John? No sub-prime mortgages, brought on by Labour’s policy of throwing mortgages at people who couldn’t afford them.

Northern Rock, with its 125 per cent mortgages, didn’t go belly-up, neither did Bradford and Bingley, and RBS, and HSBC.

And Fred the Shred, a personal friend of Gordon Brown’s, wasn’t there at all.

All of that happened in 2008 when Gordon Brown was in his hey-day.

The same mortgage policy was followed by George W Bush, and Lehmann Bros went bankrupt. Still, not to worry. Both governments won an election on that policy. Double-dip recession, John? We haven’t been out of recession since 2008!

That was when we started to have interest rates that fell through the floor, penalising those who had been thrifty and saved for their old age, counting on the interest from whatever few investments they had acquired, for a reasonable retirement?

All private personal pension funds were all under taxation attack by Gordon Brown, irrespective of size, and who their main beneficiaries might be.

Mine was the day I retired in 1997. Since then I have received only one discretionary increase in pension.

And there are millions like me. A bit different to the index-linked public service pensions don’t you think, John?

Swelling class sizes? What was that about immigration? And, with an increasing population, only 8,000 houses built in Yorkshire in 2009-11.

Come on, who was in power in 2009, when those house were planned, and being built?

Labour failed to achieve every one of its house-building targets during the whole of its 13 years in government.

Fuel poverty! Who refused to sanction the next generation of power stations because they were likely to be nuclear, consequently leaving us at the mercy of overseas gas supplies, and increasing demand from countries like China?

And please, don’t forget carbon reduction, which is adding at least 20 per cent to every households fuel bill, because Labour signed up to the EU mandatory reduction target, and couldn’t think beyond wind farms.

Phone-hacking? Remind me John, didn’t all that happen in 2009?

It’s flattering, I suppose, that John Appleyard, and Dennis Miller, criticise the Tory-led coalition because they haven’t sorted out Labour’s latest 13 year economic fiasco in the two years they have been in power.

That’s three Labour government financial cock-ups in my lifetime, left for the Tories to sort out.

Which they always have done, only for Labour to get in and ruin it once again.

But Labour never seem to learn do they, peddling the same old propaganda and policies that have regularly created the sort of situation we are in today?

And as sure as night follows day, this crisis will be sorted. And then Labour, in 10 years or so, will ruin it once again.

But, as Dennis Miller says, that won’t be our concern, will it?


Cornmill Lane