‘Sexist’ ads brightened up dull commute

A COUPLE of years ago I worked on a large construction project in Wakefield.

Every day I drove past one of Eric France’s ads on a billboard (Sexist scrap ads banned, Spenborough Guardian, September 9).

It brightened up a dull commute.

At the end of the job we had some metal scrap to get rid of so I rang Eric for him to collect it, I remembered his name from the billboard, the advert had worked.

They picked the scrap up and sent us a cheque, very professional.

Imagine my surprise to now find out that the advert was “portraying women as sexual objects or commodities that could be bought”.

I thought it was just an advert, but then I thought the man or woman who is in charge of a committee should be called a man or a woman, and not a chair.

Five people out of the couple of 100,000 people who saw the adverts have complained.

Eric’s adverts are no more, they are now banned.

I wonder who these five people are, I think they should get out more.


Church Road