Shedding light on poor street lights

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I would like to ask Kirklees Council why the stretch of Leeds Road from the Coach and Six crossroads up to the junction of Upper Batley Lane has been without adequate street lighting for almost two months?

After a few nights of the lights being out I emailed Kirklees to inform them of the problem on March 20. I received a reference number on an automated response. Again on April 4 I emailed again quoting my reference number and again was sent an automated reply quoting yet another reference number.

Finally on April 10 I rang the council and was told the matter was being dealt with.

I did notice that the night after my last complaint there was suddenly one street lamp on and since then there has only been that one lit up.

Last night, April 20, I counted six lamps still not working on such a short stretch of road.

During the recent cold spell the pavements were very slippery and without lighting it was impossible to see patches of ice or any other obstacles that could have caused an accident.

Could someone inform me what the problem is? Can I have a rebate on my council tax for a serviceIi have not received? I doubt it!


Leeds Road


* A council spokeswoman said: “Northern Powergird replaced a fuse at this location on April 2 following the initial complaint. However, it appears there have since been further problems. We have now notified Northern Powergrid again who will further investigate the fault.”