Should we form our own transport authority?

Is it about time that Kirklees, Calderdale and maybe Wakefield and even Bradford, pulled out of Metro and WYPTE – even if it meant that we formed our own authority?

They do not listen nor care about transport especially in Kirklees and Calderdale. If we did this we could fund transport across Kirklees and Calderdale and improve it, which would not take much doing.

Take Cleckheaton/Batley – the service does not exist. There is no service whatsoever.

Cleckheaton/Brighouse – it stops running in the afternoon which is useless for anybody working in either town and living in the other. It doesn’t run Sundays.

Cleckheaton/Huddersfield – the service stops running during afternoon school days and early in the evening with no Sunday service. Cleckheaton/Mirfield – has been reduced to one bus every two hours.

Heckmondwike/Brighouse – no service.

Mirfield/Dewsbury hospital – no service.

Scholes/Brighouse – no service.

Hartshead/Cleckheaton – Sunday service.

Scholes/Huddersfield – no service.

Do you want me to go on?

Yet over 10 years ago we asked for a Leeds-White Rose Shopping Centre-Morley-Batley-Gomersal-Cleckheaton-Scholes-Brighouse-Huddersfield, and maybe going via Leeds road to give Brighouse a service with that part of Huddersfield. Has anything been done? NO! So why bother with Metro and the WYPTE? Let us break away and form our own authority which will look after our area.

If you only drive a car you are paying for something that you will never, or rarely use and you are paying your tax fo r something (a service) that we all are not getting.

Maybe the railway could be opened as it could run a service from Leeds-Morley-Batley-Dewsbury and then build a curve so it can call at Heckmondwike-Cleckheaton-Low Moor (Ha!) Brighouse and onto Huddersfield. Maybe on to Slaithwaite and Marsden.

These people solve a problem, then take the solution away and think it will stay solved. A two-year-old could tell them that is the wrong way and will not work.

I am talking about the morning bus service from Cleckheaton to Huddersfield. They put a relief service on and when people found it much better they pulled the relief service off and the problem re-emerged, and what a surprise to Metro and WYPTE.


Carlton Way