Show your support for threatened A&E department

Almost every week in Letterbox, there is a letter from a grateful patient or a relative or friend of a patient, expressing their thanks and appreciation to the staff at Dewsbury and District Hospital for providing excellent care, either for themselves or their family member.

I am sure all the staff, medical and non medical, have their spirits lifted by the letter writers.

Can I ask all these thankful people to do two more things?

Firstly, please sign the petition against the closure of the A&E department at DDH. It is vital that the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS trust are made aware of the depth of feeling in the local community for keeping the A&E department open.

Secondly, it is possible the hospital staff might have to reluctantly call for another day of action to protect their pension and working conditions.

If this has to happen, please show your thanks for the care you received while you were a patient, by turning up on the day to support them. Just stay for 10 minutes and I am sure your presence will be appreciated.


New North Road