Signs of neglect

I LIVE on Meadowlands, Scholes, and we have a grassed plot of land on the cul-de-sac which has been maintained by the council for 38 years.

Not only did they maintain the grass, they have pruned the trees which are on this land and put up a sign saying no ball games are allowed.

This year it has not been cut and it is badly overgrown. I have complained to the council and they have said the area is not their responsibility! Also they have neglected the weeds which are growing in abundance, not only here but in Scholes generally. I have approached the local councillor but nothing has happened. All I see from this is planned neglect.

I am now going to widen the complaint. Two years ago the council, god bless them, overhauled the footpath called Well Lane (known locally as the Pastures), this is now overgrown!

If you go on Oakenshaw Lane, which of course is part of the Kirklees heritage trail and was a bridle way, it is now a single track due to it being overgrown. The council will obviously claim “it’s the government cuts”. I don’t know how long they can use this argument by throwing the blame on others.

I have a solution to this planned neglect. Can someone explain to me what community service means? All I see is offenders returning to the courts for an extended community holiday. Why don’t the council use these offenders to tidy up the area? Give them a set of shears and tree loppers so they are okay under the Health and Safety at Work Act and set them to work. During the winter they could be making our footpaths safer.

There, that’s my rant for the time being but no doubt I will be back.