Sink or swim for Spen Pool?

I can’t help but be amused at the spate of words about the future of Spenborough Pool from the by-election candidates.

Do none of them realise that if it hadn’t been for the foresight of the former Tory-controlled Spenborough Council, we wouldn’t have a Spenborough Pool to argue about, and, in all probability no Princess Mary’s Sports Field either.

Back in 1970, knowing that Local Government reorganisation was certain to wipe out Spenborough Council, they decided to do something for the heritage of local people, and we have the evidence there for us both to see and enjoy.

In view of the current prevarication from Kirklees about repairing the pool and updating it, does anybody think that we would actually have these facilities today if our former councillors, of all parties, hadn’t acted in the interests of their local community before being reorganised out of existance? Of course not.

We could perhaps make better use of the pool. It must be going on 40 years since the Cleckheaton Young Conservatives organised a couple of Swim-in Discos at the pool, and I believe Spen Lions did something similar. All highly successful and enjoyable events. Does nobody have that sort of imagination these days?


Cornmill Lane