So grateful for hospital care

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WE have had an elderly relative in Dewsbury and District Hospital for six weeks and would like to offer our perspective on the care we received.

Due to the serious nature of our relative’s illness we were given open visiting which allowed us access to the ward at different times throughout the day and evenings.

The staff could not have been more hardworking, caring and professional.

Regarding the presentation and quality of food, patients clearly have a variety of differing needs depending on their individual illness and some require their food to be mashed so as to avoid choking.

This of course can make the food look quite unappetising but is unfortunately a necessity.

In our experience we found the food to be nutritious and suitable for all patients.

We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to the staff of DDH for their professional and sympathetic care extended to our elderly relative.

Sincere thanks to the staff at DDH from a grateful family.


Robin Lane