Sort out traffic nightmare before it’s too late

I would like to add to the recent traffic debate in Cleckheaton which has been featured in the Spenborough Guardian.

My son goes to Whitcliffe Mount School and the traffic is so bad on a morning that I have to now set off at 8am to drop him off at school and then try to get to my place of work in Morley town centre.

I have given up trying to go the route I used to take which, as I live in the Dale Lane area of Heckmondwike, was past Spen Baths and then the short cut to avoid the traffic lights which took me round the back of the bus station.

I can honestly say there wasn’t loads of cars using this route that the residents seem to be have been complaining about. But to stop the traffic using this short cut has had a really bad impact now on the traffic – they are queuing all the way on past Spen Baths on a morning, it’s a nightmare.

I now have to take another short cut which is miles out of my way but is quicker than the queuing.

I now go up Oxford Road, turn by the Bulls Gead at Gomersal and through Little Gomersal and then down into Cleckheaton. To avoid the queuing traffic as I come down into Cleckheaton I take a right up the back street and come up into Cleckheaton itself.

So all that’s happened is in a nut shell is I’m still taking short cuts through where people live – and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

But the worst is still to come because after dropping my son at school it takes me over 40 mins to get to Morley as the traffic is bad through Cleckheaton. Which ever route I take it’s a nightmare, and I have to say it’s stopped me shopping in Cleckheaton like I used to.

This problem needs sorting as soon as possible or it’s going to be like Dewsbury with loads of closed shops (which in their case is down to their stupid parking rules). That would be a shame for Cleckheaton as I’ve found it to be a lovely town to shop in and its parking is the best locally.


Dale Lane