Standing up for NHS

I WRITE about the changes being made to our NHS and the silent majority. Perhaps people were focusing on the royal wedding?

Perhaps most people think it’s just another of the many restructuring and re organising processes which seemed to have been taking place in the NHS (ad nauseum) over the years?

Does that explain why the meeting in Cleckheaton town hall to hear about health care changes was attended by 30 or so people instead of a room bursting at the seams?

It is complicated and people like me are “punch drunk” by the complexities of it all. However, I am concerned by the apparent absence of the silent majority. It affects us all.

Do people realise that the current “pause” in the rush to legislate isn’t a pause at all? A privatisation process is silently happening.

A friend who is a physiotherapist in Dewsbury and District Hospital informs me that the physiotherapy service was privatised two months ago. “We operate as a business now,” he said. NHS staff are already being slimmed down in preparation for the privatisation. Was that made public?

There is a suggestion we may be given “health vouchers” to spend on health treatment that we have already paid for through our taxes. That may cover broken bones and even pregnancy but what if you need kidney dialysis? If you need expensive or long term treatment are you expected to pay extra when the voucher value runs out?

Please don’t take your eye off the ball. Ask questions: Write to Mr Cameron and Mr Lansbury and Mr Milliband (If he won’t stick up for the NHS who will?) House of Commons, Westminster. Write to MP Mike Wood. Only when good people stay silent does wrong prevail.

Only when the silent majority is no longer silent will the government recognise that they cannot get away with the quiet privatisation of the NHS. This coalition government does not have a mandate to make such fundamental changes to our uniquely British right to receive free health care.