Stop tax on nature lovers

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GARDENING time is here again!

Not that it is the only time we have to tidy our gardens.

The terrible weather has been with us for such a long time, everything is very overgrown.

Because of this, the payment to the council for garden rubbish is very hard to find for most people.

I am over 80 with quite a large garden – about 25 bags or more will be my big problem.

I have spent £6 already and my daughter also took six bags to the tip for me.

My family work fulltime so asking for help with this on their days off is very unfair.

Please, the council must think again about this. I have many friends in the same position as me.

We are not ‘moaning pensioners’ but our purses cannot pay for all these extras,

We like to look out at a garden so please don’t say ‘flag it’ and please reconsider this tax on nature lovers.


Pyenot Avenue