Students and workers unite

NEXT Friday (January 28) a demonstration will take place in Manchester, bringing together young people and students who will fight for their future.

The rally and demonstration on the day involves the Trade Union Congress, the National Union of Students, the Lecturers’ Union (UCU) along with the Civil Service union (PCS).

The huge recent energy of mass student protests linking up with young workers, who are often at the fore of industrial struggle, has the potential to terrify this government.

This could be a big step forward in fighting against this government’s brutal cuts.

A whole new generation has been thrown into political activity through the student movement, questioning everything and looking to fight back.

At its conference in September, the TUC passed a motion calling for this demonstration against youth unemployment. This was led by young trade unionists of the PCS and the national Youth Fight For Jobs (YFJ) supporters.

This huge demonstration would not have been called without constant pressure, it is the next vital step in this movement.

Although time is short, trade unions, student unions and activits should be organising transport to the demo. YFJ will be present and active. They will argue for an escalation of the student movement and build strong anti-cuts unions.

This horrendous government can be defeated, but it will take the will of the people.