Such sweet memories

I WAS born in Batley, lived in Heckmondwike, went to Batley Grammar School and Leeds University, but then left home for National Service and for jobs.

I have lost all personal contacts with the area but intend to come up for the 400th year celebration of Batley Grammar School where I was from 1942-50.

But there is a chance that someone may remember my parents – my father was a teacher at Carlinghow and Healey Juniors in the 1930s-1953 and my mother, who was head girl at the girls’ grammar school in Batley in about 1907 and taught at Carlinghow in the 1920s, and at Knowl, Mirfield, during the war.

I was recently reminded of what was a custom in Heckmondwike before the war which was to celebrate the fourth Sunday in Lent by eating toffee and the day was always called Toffee Sunday.

The toffee, as I recall it, was a thin glass-like mass which shattered like glass when hit with a light hammer.

I wonder if there is anyone left who can tell me how this custom came about and whether it was continued after the war.

These lovely customs are rapidly being lost, but should be recorded for the interest, at least, of future generations and your newspaper is, to me, the best way of finding and recording such matters.


Berks Hill