Support for striking NHS staff

I MUST write a few words in support of the striking clerical staff at Dewsbury and District Hospital.

These are not a bunch of rioting fanatical trouble makers trying to get a massive pay rise.

They are all ordinary (mainly women) workers desperately trying to hold on to the rate of pay they are presently on.

After a two year pay freeze,these already low paid staff,are now being expected to take a pay cut.

While the Conservative led government, in the guise of the Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust, are attacking the lowest paid workers, they are also putting the maternity unit and the A and E department at DDH at risk, which would lead to the eventual closure of the whole hospital.

This is not scare mongering, it’s all part of the Conservative plan to privatise the whole NHS. We can not, must not, let this happen.

The NHS is the envy of the world.

The NHS is the jewel in the British crown.

The NHS must not fall into the greedy,grubby hands of private secter profiteers.

The NHS must remain safe, for all to use, free at the point of contact.


New North Road