Thanks for stairway support

As your readers who shop at Asda in Batley will know, the store has been asking its customers to put small green tokens into collecting boxes and so choose which local good causes should receive cash donations from Asda.

Batley Cemetery Support Group’s “Stairway to Infinity” project was one such local good cause, and we were delighted to receive a cheque for £200 from Asda this week.

We would like to thank all the people who chose to put their tokens in the collecting box for the Stairway to Infinity.

As the restoration of the Stairway to Infinity has now been completed, we intend to use this donation to pay for the installation of handrails up the sides of the new steps behind the Twin Chapels.

We reckon that by the time we’ve all been to infinity and back, we might welcome having a handrail or two to hang on to.

Yours faithfully,