The importance of our local history

Last week’s Guardian story “War resting places restored” concerning the gravestone to the First World War soldier, highlighted the importance of local history – especially with 2014 being the 100th year since the start of the Great War.

I pass through the cemetery regularly and point out to my children the gravestones of those that created and fought for our community.

I mentioned a number of years ago about the vandalism being done to the gravestones, very sad to see.

I also wondered why the lovely chapel that has been boarded up for many years had not been used as a museum to highlight the stories of those buried in the cemetery. It would be very interesting for the schoolchildren to learn the history of the mill owners and people who made Cleckheaton.

Maybe your insight via the pages in the Guardian will make some aware of the importance of local history.

I, for one, enjoy reading them, so thank you. It’s information I can now relate to my grandchildren who enjoy local history.


Blacup Moor View