The kids are alright

Like a lot of parents, I was bombarded with requests for hi-tech gifts from my kids this Christmas and eventually conceded in buying my 12-year-old son an expensive mobile phone,

I didn’t hold out much hope of it not being lost damaged or worse before Easter,

This weekend we had heavy snow fall and my son and his friends headed for the local hills with their sledges. He returned home after a couple of hours heart-broken as he had lost his phone. Guess what colour it is? White,

So we retraced his steps trying to find a white phone in the white snow for two hours. We looked but to no avail.

We arrived back home and he was gutted... then his mum’s phone rang.

It was a young lad who had found the phone in the snow.

We rushed out to meet him and collected the phone.

We hear lots of negative things about the youth of today but clearly there are some very honest and decent young lads.

So, many thanks Ashley Cooper, you’re a star and an inspiration to the youth of Spen Valley.


Bridon Way