They should work for our interests too

I HAVE been caring for my wife at home for almost nine years.

Due to our situation, I am interested in the council’s recent attempt to save money by privatising what is left of Kirklees home care.

Unable to attend due to my caring responsibilities, I watched the podcast of the meeting on October 11. I was amazed to hear that it is possible the council had been overcharged in recent years by between £3m and £9m, and that some private care providers are apparently under investigation!

I also listened to one councillor, Molly Walton, insinuating to a disabled lady that she could be better looked after if she were put into a private care home.

She also said that ALL Kirklees home care employees would be found jobs with no redundancies. So we are going to keep over 300 workers on, and pay private firms to do their work, I don’t think Lord Sugar will be begging Molly as his next apprentice, do you?

We vote our councillors into power to look after our interests, over 8,000 people signed a petition against this move, so whose interests are they serving by going against our wishes? There is due to be a council election in May next year, Molly Walton’s seat is one of 23 up for grabs. The disabled, elderly and their families are more likely to vote than any other sector. I would ask our council representatives’ to think hard about their position regarding home care.

There are times when our council seem to be on a different planet, recently they decided it would be a good idea to remove headstones from graves to rebuild a nearby wall, you couldn’t make it up could you? Even after we are dead they manage to steal from us.


Groveshall Road