Time to fight for North Kirklees

Why am I not surprised by the childish antics in the corridors of power in far off Huddersfield.

These are the people funded by council tax payers to look after our interests.

Since 1974 when lots of towns around Huddersfield were grouped together and called Kirklees, little has been done to help North Kirklees. Coun Mehboob Khan has spent tens of thousands of pounds on the LDF plans to destroy the very place the council took its name from.

Coun Kath Pinnock assured me in an email a couple of years ago that there were no plans to cover the area between Roberttown, Hartshead and Cooper Bridge, with concrete. Hmmmm!

And Coun Robert Light along with Dewsbury MP Simon Reevell is sitting on his hands and toeing the party line over changes at Dewsbury and District Hospital.

Further examples. Three years ago Heckmondwike was designated to be one of the most deprived areas in the country. Little has changed since.

Huddersfield is having a new pool and fitness complex built on the inner ringroad at Springwood costing £36m, whereas Whitcliffe Mount Sports Centre is to close and Spen Pool and Fitness Centre is in desperate need of repair and updating.

Idea - perhaps Coun Khan could disclose how many houses in the council housing stock are boarded up in need of refurbishment. This would provide welcome work for local tradesmen.

There are also lots of brown field sites currently eyesores in the community which should be developed instead of building on green belt land, which should be left to help nature and wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

He may also consider using his bulldozer politics on Steven Eames at the Mid Yorkshire Trust and persuade him to reinstate services at our local Hospital in Dewsbury.

Please do something good for a change.


Huddersfield Road