Token gesture to help NHS

I am sure we all agree the NHS is a great and much valued institution.

Having witnessed close up, my two brothers undergoing heart by-pass surgery – one quadruple and one triple – the work they do, I know they save lives and my brothers and thousands like them will be forever grateful.

As a result of medical technology making surgery such as this possible, the NHS finds itself a victim of its own success, unable to sustain the cost involved.

I therefore suggest in order to give the NHS a helping hand, patients paying a token amount towards the cost of their food. I’m not suggesting restaurant prices here, rather a small sum of £2 or £3 per day.

This is not a huge amount for three meals per day plus tea and biscuits mid morning and mid afternoon.

This may sound like a drastic measure, but the patients would be paying for food if they were at home, so it’s not that drastic.

It would be much more drastic and damaging if we were to lose the NHS for want of more funding. £2-£3 seems a small price to pay for a life-saving service


Gleneagles Way