Trimming bus service

Your reader John Appleyard, in the letters page, last week, seems to have got his infoRmation wrong, regarding Metro’s Bus Review of the North Kirklees routes.

He quotes that “Metro are proposing the withdrawn of the 220 service”, Sorry Mr Appleyard, when you look on Metro’s website at North Kirklees Bus Review page, it clearly states “220 Huddersfield - Cleckheaton - Leeds; 0559 service from Birstall Market Place to Leeds (Saturday)” to be withdrawn due to low passenger use, this means just this journey and not the entire service will be withdrawn.

If Mr Appleyard also looked on the same page, he would see, what services are and aren’t affected by the review, the 221 he mentions, that has no changes proposed to it, the evening ones that are numbered 223, now, they are subject to change.

A few weeks ago, when Metro made the North Kirklees Bus Review public, we were subjected to Coun A Pinnock’s thoughts on the whole process.

Bearing in mind he also sits on the West Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority, so would have possibly been at the meeting that discussed these proposals, before being made public, he claims he’s worried about the ML3 service that is proposed to serve East Bierley, due to the withdrawal of the 256 journeys other than the school ones.

Coun A Pinnock, what’s the problem with that? It gives the ML3 extra work to do, thereby saving the ML3, as Metro say it’s the least used of the Metro Local routes in our area, or would he prefer to see it be withdrawn completely?

The withdrawal of the 256, will save Metro £110,000 a year, can Coun A Pinnock really miss up this opportunity to save a route? I’ve been a passenger on the 256 from Cleckheaton to Bradford during a weekday, and I’ve been the only passenger until Tong Street, so you can see why Metro are proposing its withdrawal.

Oh, and one other thing Coun A Pinnock, you mentioned that there are “No through tickets in this area”, well, what is the £5.20 Metro Day ticket for?

This is sold on the bus of every operator that runs in West Yorkshire and is valid on every operator in West Yorkshire, and it’s something that Metro make a point of telling the travelling public about, if their route has different operators running it at different times of the day.


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