U-turn needed on waste disposal sites

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Reference the letter from J Bleazard on Friday November 8 “Getting their acts together”, I totally agree with his comments on the introduction of permits to use the household waste sites.

We are experiencing the same problem living in Wyke, Bradford, but just outside the Bradford boundary so are no longer able to use the Low Moor waste site.

We applied and received a permit allowing us to use the Birstall site which is a total 14 mile round trip up the busy M62 between junctions 26 and 27. There were three employees at the entrance to check our permit.

My husband and myself are in our late 70s and also experienced difficulty carrying the bags of garden rubbish up the steep metal steps to access the waste container with no one available to assist us.

I contacted my local councillor regarding this problem asking if there could be a concession made for residents who lived just over the boundary to use their nearest site but apparently the powers that be on Bradford and Kirklees councils are adamant that the new arrangements have to be adhered to. However I was advised that the waste disposal site in Brighouse does not require permits so we are now taking our garden rubbish to that site. The containers have easy access and there are helpful staff there to assist anyone having difficulty lifting the rubbish into the container.

Incidentally it was reported this week on the front page of another newspapers that since the introduction of permits in June fly tipping in the area had greatly increased – surely this should give a message to our intransient councils that they have made an error of judgement and should do a U-turn on their current policy.


Westfield Lane,