Visions and dreams of ‘socially just’ Scotland?

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The SNP is very keen to push the idea of a “socially just” Scotland.
Many will remember visions and dreams of a socially just European community.
Here’s a suggestion to prove his sincerity. Mr Salmond should make the declaration that “on the attainment of Scottish independence, all British anti-trade union legislation will be discarded, heralding a new dawn of Scottish social justice and equality”.
To make this declaration does not need knowledge of the “future economic landscape” – an excuse Labour is all too willing to use. In fact Labour should make a similar pledge for the next general election.
Will any of this happen?
I doubt it!
But until they get some such indication of how a socially just Scotland will be achieved, those on the Left who support indepenedence should be very wary.
One thing’s for sure – a socially just neo-liberal Scotland is impossible.


Fairway Grove