We need trains too

I HAVE to agree with the letter (Letterbox, March 8) regarding free bus travel.

Not only does the pass cover pensioners, but also covers those with physical disabilities like myself, who will never be able to drive.

The free bus travel is pretty much my lifeline and to lose it would cost me a fortune in bus fares that I can ill afford. The cheap 50p fare for West Yorkshire train travel was removed to my dismay on January 2, to be replaced by standard half fare instead at off peak times, and now once-busy trains I travel on regularly are almost empty. Our local rail network must be supported and not run into the ground by Metro in favour of the buses.

There is plenty of room for both modes of transport in West Yorkshire, and surely, a full train of pass holders paying 50p a journey is better than an empty one, or is this just another attempt to kill off local rail services? I dread to think what the future holds for our rail network, but it sounds bleak.


Child Lane