What care in community?

IN EARLY 2002, because of a family crisis, I found myself in hospital, looking at a divorce and potentially homeless.

With the help of a hospital social worker and doctor I secured a residency in sheltered housing with Kirklees Council at Brooklyn Grange in Cleckheaton. There being a warden on call, I found this very reassuring and helpful.

Here, I started to turn around my life and to live again.

Unfortunately Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing then came into being, slowly moving the goal posts. Helpful wardens gone! Scheme co-ordinators in! Any help once given by the warden now requires assessing by the co-ordinator and then, if approved, a care worker comes to assist for which a charge is made.

KNH now calls Brooklyn Grange not sheltered housing by an older persons’ retirement scheme.

Again the posts have moved – no notice to residents; KNH just started calling them tenants (a person who has a tenancy agreement; tenancy agreement a temporary possession or holding, according to the dictionary.)

So a person who lives for years in what they call home finds it is now temporary? Care in the community might be good but it looks unlikely in Kirklees Granges. Most people I know seem to go into are homes after hospital care and not back to what they call home. Resident tenant? Makes me wonder.


Grove Lane