What have others got to offer us?

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With the local Conservative Group’s proposals to set up a Dewsbury and Spen Council, plus their opposition to the LDF’s planned destruction of our countryside in Chidswell and Thornhill Lees and with local candidates campaigning for fairer parking in the town centre to help get the town back on its feet, it would appear that one political party is setting the agenda for Dewsbury.

I was wondering what the local ruling Labour Party are proposing for Dewsbury before the next election, or are they going to rest on their laurels and trot out their usual attacks.

Council leader Mehboob Khan last week called plans to abolish Kirklees Council ‘bureaucratic’ – hypocritical considering his own party is refusing to listen to people over the massive opposition to the LDF development proposals.

All they are doing now is blaming national government for anything that goes wrong (they appear to have forgotten they have responsibilities to make things right as local government) and opposing any proposals for change.

In doing so they are saying we should keep things the same, but it doesn’t take much to realise things are not working here in Dewsbury and therefore have to change.

Do they actually have anything to offer local people in terms of new ideas?

Labour councillors are getting too cosy in their council seats and are getting extremely complacent because they know time after time they will be voted back in. Perhaps this May would be a good time to shake them up a bit and give them a loud wake-up call-show that they actually need to start listening to us, the very people they are supposed to be representing. Because otherwise it is time to prove to them that we are not afraid to show them the door...


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