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From a father’s fight for justice to dog fouling and snow disruption, our Facebook fans have been discussing the latest news on our fan page.

Many of you welcomed the news that the Home Office has vowed to do all it can to deport drunk driver Wilfred Museka, originally from Zimbabwe, after he caused the death of Birstall teenager Rebecca Caine.

Her father Tim began a campaign for his deportation after Museka was jailed last November.

Yvonne Gittos said: “I am glad he is going to be deported for killing Becky, Beck had her whole life in front of her and did not deserve to die.

“We miss you Becky.”

Kelly Pearson said: “Not enough ‘like’ buttons in the world. Good riddance.”

Sue Brooke said: “That’s best thing I’ve heard in along time with the justice system.”

Kim Grinstead added: “Best thing ive heard in a while! My niece Katie was one of Becky’s best friends and I’m pleased for all her family and friends that the justice system has seen sense.”

Jamie-Leigh Wilby said: “Nothing will ever bring Becky back but at least there’s some justice in the world! Massive congrats to Tim and all the Caines for the justice they deserve.”

Jenny Tyson commented on our recent stories about problems with dog fouling in Batley.

She said: “I wish sometimes I had a camera to photo all the dog owners who leave their dog mess all down Centenary Way outside our flats, I’m a dog owner but I use doggie bags!”

And the disruption to bin collections caused by the snow caused some controversy.

Bri Superbatleybulldogs Wells said: “Maybe if the council gritted the roads more quickly and frequently instead of just leaving it they wouldn’t have to play catch up with the bin collection services & other services they provide out of our council tax.”

Nigel Heywood said: “Rubbish lol.”

Carole Anne Sallery added: “What’s the problem? I got to work and I drive a normal car not a great big truck that’s weighted down.”

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