Where are our village improvements?

IF not made to laugh I could cry!

On reading some of Kirklees Council’s highways plans for 2012, and the agonising problem of the people in Norristhorpe concerning road safety, accident after accident, tailbacks at peak times, HGVs illegally using the lane as a short cut all year long, people’s lives really are in danger.

Many old people can’t cross the road so never leave their homes. You can see even teenagers sometimes taking up to six to seven minutes to cross the road to get to school and children from at least five schools use the road. We have sent a petition to Kirklees via MP Mike Wood who has been very helpful. We have begged and begged for a crossing which has just been brushed aside.

All we have had for the past three decades is housing development after housing development, which has meant car after car.

I read Heckmondwike Grammar School is to get a new controlled crossing. Isn’t there already a crossing there? So it can’t be crucial.

Kirklees is going to make better access from the Greenway to the library. Aren’t they closing the library? Idiocy! £250,000 to resurface Market Street and Walkley Lane, Heckmondwike. Don’t expect miracles. When Norristhorpe Lane was resurfaced in 2010, within two days all the surface started falling apart. I reported it to the chairman of highways and the highways department. Nothing was donea I would bet money that Norristhorpe will be one of the first villages for the overnight lights out scheme. The treatment of the people of the village by Kirklees is a disgrace.


Norristhorpe Lane