Whitney’s funeral coverage was excessive

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I AGREE totally with Sarah Hall in her column (February 24), three hours of television dedicated to Whitney’s Houston’s funeral is overdoing things just a little bit.

I understand that Whitney was a talented musician with a great deal of talent, creativity and charisma spark. But there are far more important news stories going on around the world at the moment like the death and slaughter of hundreds of Syrians been killed and brutalised by the regime under President Assad.

More time could have be given to other important news stories which are just as important and interesting. I think Whitney’s death is tragic and such a waste when she had so much going for her. A career, money, daughter, talent and influence to be a positive role model for the younger generations and future music pop stars of our next generation. Instead she decides to waste it on drugs – such a shame. That’s the problem with being in the limelight and famous – you’re under so much pressure to be on the ball all the time, with interviews, tours, singing, concerts – you never have any down time to be yourself. So the drugs are a way of escaping from things for just a bit, then things just get out of control and go downwards on a spiral.

It makes me think of the late Amy Winehouse – again a great musical talent. The news channels should not have spent so much time on this story, they could have covered other stories and kept flashing back now and again to see how things were developing.

But they chose not to do this, which was a costly mistake because a lot of viewers complained about the length of time it was on for.

I was watching the news channel the other morning, and funnily enough, the same subject was being talked about. They had the editor in talking about why he had to air this funeral for so long and a viewer in their Bristol studio was asking him the same question.

The editor talked about it being a balance of making the right choices; some viewers would be upset if he didn’t air this news event, it was a really important story at the time and felt it should dominate everything else.

He certainly upset a lot of people and in my option got it totally wrong.


Rydal Grove