Why are we brow-beaten into submission

Can someone please explain the difference between say, myself stating that when moving to a new neighbourhood, that I will beg, steal and commit any number of criminal acts, in order to get by – as opposed to a certain number of the new foreign migrants on their way to this country, reported to have stated exactly the same things.

Which of the two cases do you believe the authorities would take action against?

There’s no need to answer that particular question, because we all know what that answer will be, and there lies the problem.

Our lily-livered political “masters” from all parties have been brow-beaten into submission by an alien authority, never countenanced by the British public, to forfeit our sovereign right to decide who can and cannot be allowed into this country.

Now the truth is out there, this government cannot or will not do anything to stop this abuse, now or in the future, to our hospitality.

I predict that eventually the people themselves, will take to the streets if necessary to determine exactly who this country actually belongs to.


Oxford Road