Why the need for so many new houses?

Dennis Miller knows full well that my arguments have never been against the LDF in principle.

I initially raised the nonsense of a Conservative Prime Minister being pilloried for passing planning legislation which, allegedly, “will destroy the Green Belt,” and a Labour Leader of Kirklees MC, who insists that KMC can only build 22,470 houses by developing – destroying – our Green Belt.

I asked who, or what, says Kirklees needs 22,470 houses – and that’s a pretty precise figure – whether you look at it in terms of present demand, of which there is patently none on that basis, or, under planning for the future.

It isn’t just about 22,470 houses, it also about the utilities and services, schools, etc, to say nothing of local shops and leisure facilities etc, that must be provided with those houses, because we are talking about a dramatic population increase in Kirklees of up to 100,000 people. Virtually the creation of a small town.

Not “at present” Dennis Miller says. So when? On what basis is our local population being assessed on that sort of development into the future? Is our birth-rate so high? Do we have unfilled jobs, or industrial potential? A major local industry that is crying out for workers? Or have we to create jobs to go with those houses and population increase? And what time scale.

As a former school governor I am used to assessments being made over school developments, but they are usually over a five-year period. Is the LDF proposal a five-year one, or longer? There are no answers forthcoming to these questions. Why not? These are our towns, our countryside. Our taxes will pay for it all.


Cornmill Lane