Will hospital trust implement this directive?

After the appalling revelations about the total lack of care afforded to many of the patients of the Mid Staffordshire Health Trust, there was then a speech by David Cameron in the House of Commons, followed by a statement from the health ministry, both stating that patient care should always be the top priority.

The directive also states that staff should be treated with respect, and to be able to work in a pleasant and secure environment, and to feel valued.

This will give them the incentive to use their undoubted skills to afford the best of care, and to bring about the best results for the patient.

I wonder will the Mid Yorkshire Trust implement this directive? (Don’t hold your breath).

Patients in the north Kirklees area will also have the worry and stress of wondering how they, their relations and friends are going to get all the way to Pinderfields, when there is a hospital right on their doorstep.

I, for one, think this is totally wrong and that something wants doing about it.


Huddersfield Road