Wrestling memories of Peter Preston

The former professional wrestler Mick McManus died four months ago and his will was recently published in the national newspapers.

This caused me to reminisce of how our family sat and watched TV’s World of Sport wrestling every Saturday afternoon during the 1960s and 1970s, followed by a deathly hush as my late father checked his football pools at the end of the programme.

Mick McManus was billed as “the man you love to hate|” due to his bending of the rules.

He also worked for Dale Martin Promotions who determined the matches.

McManus was undefeated on television at the time and everyone tuned in to see him get beaten. He finally met his match when he fought Birkenshaw’s Peter Preston.

Peter believed he was a better wrestler than Mick McManus who, at the time, was European welter weight champion.

Peter won the first fall, a move which pins the opponent’s shoulders on the canvas for a count of three,

Despite the referee’s requests, peter refused to allow McManus the chance to equalise.

McManus got himself disqualified and Peter Preston became the first wrestler to defeat him on TV – and he never wrestled again on television.
Do any readers of the Spenborough Guardian have any memories of him?


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