Cleckheaton aim to rack up points at Darlington

Cleckheaton 'v' Beverley.'d307d307
Cleckheaton 'v' Beverley.'d307d307

Cleckheaton will be aiming to boost their points difference when they travel to relegated Darlington in North One East tomorrow.

The Moorenders should be refreshed following a week’s break and they will be determined to extend their eight match winning run and keep pressure on the play-off chasing sides.

Beverley will win the title, and clinch the only promotion spot, if they win at Keighley but behind a real scramble is developing in the race for second place.

With everyone having four games remaining, Wheatley Hills are second with 81 points and they entertain Malton & Norton tomorrow.

Morley (79) are third and travel to Northern, Sheffield (78) are fourth ahead of their home game with Pocklington, while Cleck (75) are fifth but face arguably the easier run-in with games against Northern and Keighley to follow their trip to Darlington, who were relegated last week.

The Moorenders could face a winner takes all final day showdown against Wheatley Hills.

Cleckheaton weekend sides

1stXV at Darlington, ko 3pm, meet 11.45am: C Blackburn, M Woodhead, L Queeley, M Piper, J Wilson, I Gordon, J Bickerdike, P Turner, B Thrower, A Piper, R Piercy, G Turton, N Salama, O Akroyd, R Piper. Reps: S Worsley, J White J Marshall.

Kestrels v West Park Leeds, ko 3pm, meet 1.45pm: T Brooke, P Horrigan, O Depledge, T Crewe, A Stanley, J Toulson, M Fletcher, L Goldthorpe, L Haigh, C Piper, M Beasty, C Mason, C Brannan, R Bennett, D Graham. Reps: J Seddon, M Sergeant, N Clayton, L Bashforth, H Bairstow.

3rdXV at North Ribblesdale, ko3pm, meet 1pm: A McArthy, C Davies, R Simpson, S Smith, J Cairns, A Edwards, L Beasty, A Porritt, B Depledge, A Lowe, L Ashley, M Womersley, L Pearson, J Sheridan, M Wood.

4thXV at Morley, ko 3pm, meet 1.45pm: B Womersley, J Firth, N Lazenby, M Nicholson, A Brown, J Perks, R Noble, M Blakely, D McGuigan, D Howe, J Womersley, I Webb, A Clough, R Brown, D Webb. Reps: A Tilby-Baxter, B Thornton, A Bailey.