Birstall Terrier: All Town players are special to the fans

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Ask non football fans to name a famous footballer and most of them could come up with the likes of David Beckham and Wayne Rooney.

You don’t have to know anything about the game to be aware of these players.

Ask this same group to name some famous Huddersfield Town players and you will be lucky if they have even heard of the club. It’s true the Town players are not famous and they don’t appear in celebrity magazines, but they are every bit as special to their own set of fans.

All Town fans will have favourite players, ones that hold a special place in their hearts and minds, and talking to other Town fans, a few names cropped up time and again.

The most popular ones turned out to be Frank Worthington, Marcus Stewart, Andy Booth, Peter Clarke, Jordan Rhodes, Jon Stead and James Vaughan. Personally I would choose Marcus Stewart and Andy Booth.

You won’t find any of the above in the gossip columns or on posters in their designer undies. You are more likely to find them enjoying a pint at your local and buying their boxer shorts in Marks and Spencer.

But these are, or were, players who gave everything for Huddersfield Town and for whom the fans will be eternally grateful.

They don’t need immense wealth and model girlfriends to be special. They will never become film stars or television football pundits, but that is not important.

All the media attention focuses on the millionaire players from the glamorous clubs. It isn’t the fault of these players, but they give people the impression that all footballers are nothing more than vastly over paid superstars.

It is time we read less about their lavish spending sprees and that we see less of David Beckham posing in his underwear. Er, well no, maybe we do need to see that as often as possible!

Let us all as Town fans raise a glass and toast all the footballers at the grass roots level of the game. And I would like to add a special toast to the seven Town players who have been named as the most loved by the fans.