Liversedge looking to hit a valuable home run

LIVERSEDGE FC are hoping the home comforts at Clayborn will help them deliver a solid run-in until the end of the season.

Five out of six of their remaining Northern Counties East League Premier Division games are at home, starting tomorrow against relegation-threatened Maltby Main, kick-off 3pm.

Liversedge will be aiming to make good on the promise they showed in a 3-1 defeat against Winterton last Saturday.

Their Lincolnshire opponents, who are third, said they had a hard game against an ‘excellent Liversedge outfit’.

Liversedge boss Billy Miller explained: “I felt we deserved more from the game, we played really well.

“It was unfortunate that James Riordan conceded an own goal Danny Knight in goal had it covered and could have given him a call. One of their other goals was also a penalty.”

Miller only made one change bringing in James Hurtley for Alex Ferguson who was working.

“They played some really good football and looked strong, with James Riordan at the back he is comfortable on the ball and that makes the players around him feel confident.

“It also frees up Damien Hopkins and Jake Lawler in the middle of the park to create plenty of chances for us.”

Miller was also delighted to see a contingent of Liversedge supporters make the trip to Winterton.

“It’s a real boost to us they saw us against Barton in midweek and they know we are a good side who are trying to play attractive football and they appreciate that.”

A win tomorrow against second-bottom Maltby will put to bed any lingering fears that 13th-placed Liversedge can be dragged into the relegation zone a win could also be a springboard for the future.

“We need to pull away and it is credible that we can finish 11th or 12th this season. If we can keep this team together we are capable of becoming one of the top teams in this division,” exlained Miller.

He feels that with Selby almost certainly relegated with 12 points, Maltby Main (18pts) have everything to play for chasing Lincoln Moorlands (22pts) and will give Liversedge a real battle. Maltby recently gave second place Retford a run for their money before going down 4-3.