Terrier on the Terraces: Positive signs for Town

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If you’re looking for a good assessment of Saturday’s remarkable match between Huddersfield Town and Fulham, you need not look any further than Fulham manager Kit Symons’ comments.

It seems to be rare to find a manager who gives an honest assessment of a game these days. Certainly most managers offer comments which suggest they haven’t been watching the same game as the rest of the stadium. Symons’ comments, on the other hand, were spot on, much as they were after the match at Craven Cottage in November.

Symons conceded that his side had been second best throughout and had been fortunate. On the other hand, for all Town had all the play, all the possession, and all the shots, Fulham scored all the goals.

It was one of those days - no matter what Town did, we simply could not score. But, despite the recent distance between performances and results, there have been plenty of positives.

Positives may not be points, but it hasn’t been as though the team has played badly. Town could easily and probably should have walked away with nine merited points in the last three games. But, due to a combination of bad luck, poor refereeing, lapses in concentration, and inspired defending it’s two points instead.

Luck will change. If performances remain the same, the wins will come. After the debacle against Rotherham, there has been a reaction, even if it hasn’t been mirrored in results.

Although a result needs to come sooner rather than later, in order to secure Championship survival, it looks more likely to arrive than not.