Francis gets a call to World Championshps

Francis Fawcett
Francis Fawcett

Cleckheaton’s Francis Fawcett, right, is all set to compete in the Karate World Championships in Venicem Italy, at the end of May.

Francis is a 7th Dan International and Chief Instructor of Bradford Shotokan Academy and also of the Kushin Karate Gakuin Association.

He holds many national and international titles including a European gold medal and would love to add a world title to his list.

His dedication to the sport, especially after overcoming injury, has helped him to achieve his goal of competing in the world championships as a member of the British team.

Francis who is a much sought after teacher, instructs at karate events all over the world and has also introduced the sport into local schools.

Three of his students at the Bradford Shotokan Academy have also been selected for the national squad for their age groups, between 12 and 17 years. Jack Nicholas gained a gold medal for the national team two weeks ago and Sohail Ahmed also gained a silver medal.

The club has penty of potential in eight-year-old Leon Kowal who has already become a national champion for kata and freestyle (fighting), a title he has held for two years.