Junior registration held at East Bierley CC

East Bierley Cricket Club are holding their junior registration night next Tuesday (April 5) at 7.30pm.

Friday, 1st April 2016, 9:37 am

Boys and girls are welcome and the club cater for children aged seven years old up to 15.

East Bierley’s junior outdoor training begins on Monday April 25 at 6.30pm.

Moorlands Cricket Club are holding a sportsman’s evening with Sky Rugby League pundits Barrie McDermott and Terry O’Connor next Friday (April 8) from 7.30pm.

Tickets are priced £20 and include a pie and peas supper and are available from the club.

The evening will also include a raffle and sporting auction.

Clubs from the Bradford League Championship and Conference divisions will have the chance to qualify for this season’s Yorkshire Council play-offs.

In the senior competition, the two highest-placed eligible clubs in each of the Championship divisions on Sunday August 14 will be entered.

For the Supplementary competition, the league will be represented by the two highest-placed Conference clubs on Sunday, August 7.

Championship Competition, Quarter-finals (Sunday August 21): Bradford 1 v Pontefract 2, Pontefracts 3 v Bradford 2, Pontefract 1 v South Yorkshire 1, South Yorkshire 2 v South Yorkshire 3.

Supplementary competition quarter-finals (Sunday August 14): Pontefract 1 v South Yorkshire 1, Bradford 1 v Pontefract 2, South Yorkshire 2 v Bradford 2 , South Yorkshire 3 v Pontefract 3.