MMA trio strike gold

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Three members of the Allegiance Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Centre won gold medals at the UMA Open competition in Stoke last Saturday.

Dan Hall, Josh Harrop and Danny Missin are all fighters for team Allegiance which is based at the centre above Brooklands Bar on Bradford Road, Batley.

Dan has previously entered various grappling tournaments and fought MMA in the cage, Josh has competed in amateur boxing, kickboxing, MMA and grappling events while Danny has taken part in MMA, K1 kickboxing and grappling events.

Saturday’s event was under Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) rules, which is a grappling style of fighting.

Competitors wear a Gi or suit which is similar to a Judo suit. The rules have comparisons to Judo but where Judo is known for its dynamic throws, BJJ is known for its devastating ground submissions.

The trio produced some great displays to reach their divisional finals and then win gold medals without losing a single point.

BJJ Coach Roberto Barberio was extremely pleased with the results after all their hard work on the practise mats in the gym.

Dan triumphed in the Under 76kg Under 18s division and won one of his bouts in 10 seconds by a flying armbar submission.

Josh won the Under 76kg over 18s division while Danny Missin won the Under 64kg over 18s division.

For more details about Allegiance e-mail visit www.neil or call Neil Hall on (01924 519962).