Late replacement Sweeney seals victory at Spen Winter Sweep

Michael Sweeney was the Round 6 winner of the Spen Winter Sweep
Michael Sweeney was the Round 6 winner of the Spen Winter Sweep

Michael Sweeney was a late replacement for the latest Spen Winter Sweep round, following the withdrawal of Chris Mordue, but he went on to claim victory last Saturday.

Sweeney battled his way to the semi-finals with wins over Karen Hill, the previous week’s winner Bailey Rice and Danny Teale, to set up a clash with Andy Thornton, which he won 21-16.

Mark Regan defeated Gary Wike 21-17 in the other semi and began the final as favourite.

The first seven ends saw points swapped off each other’s jack, with Sweeney picking up the extra end to lead 5-3.

Sweeney then picked up nine out of the next 10 points to lead 14-4.

Regan had been beaten by Rice in the previous week’s final and had the familiar feeling of being runner-up once more.

Regan attempted to mount fight back, winning the next three points and at 14-7, Sweeney was laying two down and looked to have left his bowl short only to trail in and lead after a measure.

Two pairs for Sweeney left him 19-7 ahead but again Regan refused to lie down and scored the next four points.

A single for Sweeney put him to 20-11 before Regan responded with another break of four followed by a single, which reduced the arrears to 20-16.

An uncharacteristic poor lead by Regan followed by a poor second bowl left Sweeney victorious at 21-16.

Competition organisers are still looking for a sponsor for the Spen Winter Sweeop, along with their Masters competition and anyone interested can contact 01274 874355.

Spen Winter Sweep - Week 6

Preliminary Round: A Rukin 21, M Fowler 6; B Rice 21, J Hynes 19; K Hill 21, A Smith 7; M Sweeney 21, L Hirst 16.

First Round: A Forrest 21, B Lee 18; A Gallagher 14, D Hewitt 21; J Brown 20, G Wike 21; J Cranston 21, D Poole 16; C Scorah 15, M Regan 21; G Walker 21, N Slattery 19; T Riley 21, A Bairstow 8; S Ladbrooke 10, C Bly 21; J Wike 21, P Holt 20; T Scorah 21, D Reeves 16; P Burke 18, A Thornton 21; A Tattersley 18, M Wensley 21; D Teale 21, N Simpson 15; M Gadd 9, K Smith 21; A Rukin 20, B Rice 21; K Hill 16, M Sweeney 21.

Second Round: A Forrest 21, D Hewitt 18; G Wike 21, J Cranston 11; M Regan 21, G Walker 4; T Riley 17, C Bly 21; J Wike 21, T Scorah 20; A Thornton 21, M Wensley 12; D Teale 21, K Smith 20; B Rice 14, M Sweeney 21.

Quarter finals: G Wike 21, A Forrest 8; M Regan 21, C Bly 19; J Wike 14, A Thornton 21; D Teale 6, M Sweeney 21.

Semi-finals: M Regan 21, G Wike 17; M Sweeney 21, A Thornton 16.

Final: M Sweeney 21, M Regan 16.